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What Is Automated User Provisioning? (+ Benefits and Challenges)

If you want to employ tens or thousands of employees, you need to give them access to the necessary software and resources to do their job.  However, you cannot expect ...

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Workday to AD: How to Configure User Provisioning in Active Directory

For companies using the Workday HR management tool, integrating with Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) can significantly streamline user creation tasks.  Active Directory user provisioning allows you to manage user access ...

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How IT Onboarding Analytics Affect User Onboarding Success

A positive onboarding experience helps new hires integrate seamlessly into their roles, maintain user engagement, and minimize turnover. However, many IT organizations struggle to create an effective user onboarding strategy. ...

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IT Onboarding Automation: What Is It and How to Implement It

IT onboarding automation refers to streamlining processes involved in providing new employees with the necessary technology, access, and resources to be productive in their roles. It typically includes provisioning devices, ...

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5 Strategies to Reduce IT Onboarding Tickets

IT onboarding can be a complex and time-consuming process and often leads to a high volume of support tickets. New employees may struggle with accessing the necessary tools, systems, and ...

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10 Steps to Successful Employee Onboarding Automation

Setting up an automated onboarding process for employees makes things easier and faster compared to the traditional one.  Many workplaces have embraced modernity, especially today when companies use the internet ...

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7 Steps For Creating A Client Onboarding Checklist for MSPs

Onboarding can sometimes take time, even a whole week. In general, MSPs (Managed Service Providers) spend around 50-80+ hours onboarding each client. Not only that, but 74% of potential clients ...

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Employee Lifecycle Management: Stages and Importance

When it comes to business, an employee’s journey within an organization is as important as the business’s core operations. This journey, often encapsulated in the concept of the employee lifecycle, ...

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