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Employee lifecycle management (ELM) software has become one of the most useful solutions that makes everything from recruitment to retirement hassle-free.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 3 ELM software in 2024 and offer insights into their features and why they’re essential for companies, organizations, and businesses.

What is an Employee Lifecycle Management Software?

Employee lifecycle management software includes tools designed to optimize every phase of the employee journey.

Key features include solid performance management systems that track and analyze employee performance in real time, facilitating immediate and honest feedback.

During the employee onboarding phase, the software ensures new hires are smoothly integrated into the company culture, setting the stage for long-term engagement.

Furthermore, it supports career development by identifying skill gaps and providing personalized growth plans based on employee feedback and performance.

 Why Use Employee Lifecycle Management Software?

Using employee lifecycle management software provides better efficiency when it comes to the integration and transition processes for employees throughout their tenure, from onboarding to offboarding.

It automates the hassle and manual tasks of creating accounts, assigning access, updating status, and other tasks that can take too much time for IT departments.

Employee life cycle management software can help IT professionals concentrate more on strategic projects that drive business and company growth.

The software also ensures that access rights are accurately granted and revoked, which can help improve organizational security and compliance.

It also improves the employee experience by allowing them to have the necessary tools and access from day one, enabling a more productive and engaged workforce.

How to Choose the Right Employee Lifecycle Management Software

When looking for the right software, consider the following:

  • Integration and scalability: The best ELM software effortlessly integrates with your current systems and grows with your business.
  • Comprehensive lifecycle management: Choose software that covers every stage of the employee lifecycle.
  • User experience: User-friendly interfaces make a big difference. Software that is easy to navigate encourages adoption among employees and IT professionals alike.
  • Analytics and reporting: Insightful analytics empower decision-makers. Opt for software that offers detailed reports and data-driven insights.
  • Compliance management: It is important to stay on top of regulations. Select software that helps you manage compliance with local and international laws.
  • Customization and flexibility: Every business is unique. Your ELM software should be flexible.
  • Security: With sensitive employee data on the line, security cannot be compromised.
  • Support and training: Implementing new software can be challenging. Choose a provider that offers support and training.
  • Cost-effectiveness: While budget is a factor, consider the value the software brings to your organization over just the price.
  • Vendor reputation and reliability: Research the vendor’s track record. A reliable provider with a strong reputation is a sign of quality software and service.

Top 3 Employee Lifecycle Management Software You Can Use

Here are the top 3 employee lifecycle management software:

1. ezOnboard

Seamless Onboarding Process Automation With ezOnboard

ezOnboard provides an automated solution that integrates an organization’s existing HR system with Active Directory (AD).

This advanced solution is particularly beneficial for fast-growing companies or those with high attrition rates. It aims to streamline the IT onboarding and offboarding processes.

Why Choose ezOnboard?

Instant Onboarding and Efficient Lifecycle Management

One of the core features that set ezOnboard apart is its capability to offer instant onboarding, lifecycle updates, and offboarding.

By automating the reflection of approved HR system changes in AD, ezOnboard reduces the onboarding Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from several business days to instantaneous updates, ensuring new employees have the correct access from day one.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

The automation provided by ezOnboard significantly reduces liabilities and cybersecurity risks associated with manual data entry and misconfigured access permissions.

Custom notifications and reports offer full visibility and control over AD changes, helping organizations keep track of and prove their cybersecurity compliance effortlessly.

Return on Investment

ezOnboard shows a 5X ROI based on conservative calculations, underscoring the cost-effectiveness of their solution.

By automating onboarding and offboarding processes, organizations can ensure productive employees from day one, improve the overall onboarding experience, enhance organizational security, and regain control of SaaS spending by automatically reclaiming licenses.

Of course, we all want to see our ROI as quickly as possible. ezOnboard’s ROI calculator can help you understand why their software is worth investing in.

THREE “S” of ezOnboard

  • Solutions that are user-friendly and customizable: Unlike one-size-fits-all alternatives, ezOnboard offers fully customizable solutions tailored to each business’s unique needs.
  • Success with many companies and clients: ezOnboard has demonstrated its expertise by successfully deploying its solutions across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and energy.
  • Support: In addition to its IT and HR software solutions, ezOnboard provides professional support through its expert team.

Track Your Employees’ Lifecycle Updates with ezOnboard

Start tracking your employees’ lifecycle updates. Whether it’s promotions, title, location, or any other changes, get accurate and up-to-date information.

Request a demo or check the ROI calculator to see how much money ezOnboard can save you.

2. RoboMQ

RoboMQ is a pioneering API and data integration company dedicated to transforming businesses by enabling seamless connectivity between cloud, SaaS, and on-premise applications.

Established in 2012 to address the challenges posed by the fragmentation of ERP systems and the distributed nature of modern computing, RoboMQ offers solutions that empower enterprises to automate operations and create dynamic, interconnected business processes.

It leverages the latest in API technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive productivity, enhance economic value, and create a collaborative world where technology and human ingenuity converge to produce meaningful outcomes.

Features and Offerings


RoboMQ’s Hire2Retire automates the entire employee lifecycle management process, ensuring efficient onboarding, role transitions, terminations, and more. Its focus is on improving the first-day experience for new hires.

Trust and Regulatory Compliance

It ensures compliance with security standards such as SOC2 and ISO27001, providing effective access control management and comprehensive audit trails for data and system access.

Direct Cost Savings

The software automates repetitive and manual HR tasks, freeing up valuable resources and reducing the costs associated with system administration and manual process handling.

Integration with ITSM Tools

It also offers workflow integration with IT service management tools like ServiceNow, Service Desk, and Jira, enhancing the automation of onboarding and offboarding processes, access management, and the overall HR workflow.

3. Manage Engine

ManageEngine is dedicated to revolutionizing IT management with feature-rich solutions that are straightforward to use and integrate.

Since its inception in 2002, ManageEngine has committed to helping sysadmins, IT managers, and senior IT executives in overcoming the complexities of digital transformation, enabling remote work, and securing digital enterprises.

With a portfolio exceeding 60 products and tools, ManageEngine offers comprehensive, integrated, and simplified control over IT environments, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Features and Offerings

Identity and Access Management

Manage Engine offers tools to manage, govern, and secure digital identities and access rights. It ensures that privileged access is controlled and compliant with industry standards.

Unified Service Management

It provides a comprehensive suite for designing, automating, delivering, and managing IT and business services, streamlining service delivery, and enhancing organizational efficiency.

Advanced IT Analytics

With its advanced IT analytics capabilities, Manage Engine enables organizations to visualize IT data, offering AI-powered insights and facilitating informed decision-making through IT data correlation and capacity planning.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Manage Engine delivers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to protect organizations from internal and external threats and emphasizes the importance of a secure IT environment.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right employee lifecycle management solution should always depend on your needs, budget, and right research. 

ezOnboard makes everything from hiring employees to retiring them smoother and helps managers understand how employees are doing and what things they need to improve.

Anyone who wants to stay ahead and adapt to changes in the business world, especially in the digital industry, should invest in lifecycle management software. This software can help businesses grow and innovate.

FAQs About Employee Lifecycle Management Software

What additional features should I look for in employee lifecycle management software to improve employee engagement?

You should look for software that offers an applicant tracking system and regular feedback mechanisms to boost engagement throughout the employee journey.

How can employee lifecycle management software enhance employee satisfaction?

This software supports employee satisfaction at every stage of their journey by offering personalized career development plans and recognizing achievements.

Can employee lifecycle management software streamline the hiring process as well as exit interviews?

Yes, an integrated applicant tracking system simplifies the hiring process, ensuring a smooth start to the employee journey. It also makes exit interviews easier.


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