In 2015, as Cloud was transforming IT infrastructure, CloudView Partners was born to help businesses capitalize on all the opportunities that Cloud provides.

With the rapid rise of Cloud, we have seen firsthand the tremendous gamechanging opportunities available for businesses to transform their competitiveness and value to their customers. With these opportunities come the challenges of executing on these transformation initiatives while minimizing business risk. Founded in 2015 by Sanjay Maljure, a Technical Architect with over 20 years of experience as a division leader and technical SME for Fortune 500 companies, CloudView Partners exists to help organizations painlessly navigate their unique journey towards enterprise Cloud adoption.

Here at CloudView Partners, we believe that Cloud is the new normal and our goal is to help companies transform by creating a safe, reliable, and low-risk path to Cloud. Through years of practitioner expertise, our team of highly-skilled Cloud Architects bring with them experience and lessons learned, allowing our clients to adopt the Cloud the right way, the first time around.

Leadership Team

Our home base is NY • NJ

Although we are everywhere the Cloud is

Our Values

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    We are a high-performance culture. We believe that producing our best work is a reward in and of itself and we are emotionally invested in driving our Client’s success.

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    We take care of each other. We are all people and we like to support each other and help each other.

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    Through equity and other means, we strive to make CloudView Partners a platform where very talented people can produce their best work and share the value that they help create.

Our Mission

We help businesses adopt the Cloud.
Cloud is the New Normal.

Businesses everywhere need to get closer to their customers and provide more value. We help our clients to achieve these goals by using the Cloud in creative and cost-effective ways.

Our Culture

High-performance culture –
The best of the best feel this is my kind of place.

High-performance is Not Easy –
It takes a lot out of people. So we take care of them. We help each other.

High-performing People Have High Expectations –
We share the rewards that come from high-performance.

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