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How to Automate Employee Lifecycle Updates to AD

As an IT manager, you’re probably familiar with the hassles of keeping Active Directory (AD) up to date manually. Every time an employee joins, changes roles, or leaves, you need ...

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Access Provisioning Using Azure AD (AAD): A Complete Guide

Access provisioning is an important part of cybersecurity and IT management. It involves allowing and managing user account access rights. Think of it as a digital key that gives individuals ...

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Implement Effective User Provisioning and Deprovisioning

User provisioning and deprovisioning are integral to IT user management. They ensure that employees have the right access to tools and information when they join or leave a company. Managing these ...

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How to Automate AD Updates for IT Efficiency

Active Directory (AD) is the backbone of many IT infrastructures. It is responsible for managing permissions and access to user accounts. For IT administrators, regular AD updates are a must ...

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What Is Identity Management? An Essential Guide to IAM Systems

Every day, IT administrators juggle between securing the company network, managing user permissions, and troubleshooting access issues. On top of these, they need to comply with various regulations. Sounds overwhelming, ...

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What Is Identity Lifecycle Management? An In-Depth Guide

As an IT Security manager, you are often responsible for managing user identities and access rights throughout their entire stay in your organization. This is where identity lifecycle management (ILM) ...

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How to Connect UKG Pro to AD (Active Directory)

For companies using the UKG Pro HR system, integrating with Active Directory simplifies many tasks.  For one, it keeps a user’s AD account up-to-date when you update the UKG employee ...

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Ceridian to AD Integration: Benefits and How to Get Started

If your company uses Ceridian (now Dayforce), integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) can simplify employee lifecycle management. There’s no need to update user accounts, edit permissions, and secure each ...

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10 IT Employee Retention Strategies To Retain Best Talent

As an IT leader, you know how difficult it is to keep top talent. High turnover disrupts projects and increases operational costs.  To retain employees, offering competitive compensation isn’t enough. ...

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What Is Access Provisioning? An Overview of Its Benefits and More

IT managers constantly handle multiple tasks and responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of your organization. One of the most critical tasks is managing user access to multiple applications, systems, ...

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