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For companies using the UKG Pro HR system, integrating with Active Directory simplifies many tasks. 

For one, it keeps a user’s AD account up-to-date when you update the UKG employee record. There’s no need for manual data entry, which is time-consuming and expensive.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to integrate UKG Pro to AD. We’ll also explore the reasons for integrating these systems and the best practices to ensure a smooth process.

Why Integrate UKG Pro to AD?

Integrating UKG Pro with Active Directory can greatly improve your business processes. Here are some reasons why this integration is beneficial:

Streamline Employee Lifecycle Management

Employee lifecycle management can be challenging for many organizations. Imagine recruiting, onboarding, training, and offboarding employees manually. This involves constantly adding, updating, and removing user accounts.

Fortunately, you can automate user provisioning and de-provisioning by connecting UKG Pro to Active Directory or other directory services like Google Directory. Integration like this saves time and reduces mistakes related to manual processes.

Improve Security and Compliance

Security is always a top concern when managing employee information. Integrating UKG Pro with Azure AD offers better control over user access.

You can ensure that only authorized employees have access to sensitive information. For example, the HR team can see users’ email address accounts but shouldn’t access other assets like financial data. Thanks to this role-based access control, you can also ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Reduce IT Workload and Costs

Another benefit of UKG Pro to Active Directory integration is reduced IT workload.

There’s no need for manual document scanning and data conversion. That’s because the Active Directory can automatically sync information from UKG Pro. This integration can maintain fine-grained security groups and distribution lists based on the employee HR profile.

Since you can reduce manual data entry, you also save money. You don’t have to hire additional IT staff to manage the workload. You also avoid spending valuable time and resources fixing costly mistakes.

Enhance Data Accuracy

Integration ensures that changes in UKG Pro are reflected in Azure AD and vice versa. This helps maintain data consistency across your enterprise systems.

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How to Connect UKG Pro to Active Directory?

After learning the benefits of integration, you’re ready to get started. Follow this step-by-step guide to connect UKG Pro to Active Directory successfully.

1. Plan the Integration Process

First, you need a solid integration plan. Assess your company’s specific integration requirements. Gather all the necessary information, such as user credentials, domain details, and current configurations, based on your needs.

Don’t forget to involve key stakeholders during the planning stage to make sure everyone is on the same page.

2. Set Up UKG Pro

Next, configure UKG Pro for integration with Active Directory. Go to the settings and find the integration options.

Set up user synchronization and configure the settings according to your needs. For example, you can schedule data sync daily or weekly. Make sure you save these settings.

3. Configure Active Directory

Now, move on to Active Directory. Set up the necessary integration settings. Make sure the Active Directory user attributes align with those in UKG Pro to avoid any conflicts.

It’s also important to establish user provisioning and de-provisioning settings. This involves configuring the Active Directory manager to create, update, or disable a user account based on UKG Pro information.

For example, when new hires are added to UKG Pro, the integration can automatically create an Azure AD account and allocate computer resources in IT service management.  Similarly, if employees are terminated in UKG Pro, their AD account is quickly disabled for smoother employee offboarding.

4. Establish the Connection

With both systems configured, it’s time to establish the connection.

You can use middleware or integration tools to link UKG Pro and Azure AD. Look for a tool that offers a user-friendly interface, good customer support, automatic manager mapping, and scalability. Regardless of your choice, follow the tool’s instructions carefully to ensure a smooth setup.

5. Test and Validate the Integration

After establishing the connection, you must thoroughly test it. Make sure data synchronization works as expected.

Test user provisioning and privileged access controls to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Resolve any issues that arise during testing before going live.

Best Practices for UKG Pro to AD Integration

A seamless integration between UKG Pro and Active Directory automatically syncs and secures business data. To maintain a strong connection, follow the best practices below.

Update and Audit Regularly

It’s important to review and update your configurations to guarantee efficiency and security.

Besides regular updates, you should also audit UKG Pro and Active Directory every quarter. This helps you identify and resolve issues, such as security breaches before they impact the integration.

Ensure Proper User Role Mapping

Mismatches in data mapping can result in incorrect usernames, security groups, or permissions.

Thoroughly assess the data fields in Active Directory. Make sure every piece of information matches the employee information in UKG Pro. Better yet, use automatic manager mapping to automate these tasks. You can save time and reduce costly errors.

Train IT Staff and End-Users

Training is integral to maintaining a strong UKG Pro to AD integration.

Organize regular training sessions with IT staff. You sould also provide access to resources like webinars and industry conferences. Armed with new knowledge, your IT department can manage integration more effectively.

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With ezOnboard, you can transform the traditional, often cumbersome, onboarding and offboarding processes into more efficient and error-free operations.

Let ezOnboard Connect UKG Pro to Active Directory

To get started, request a demo or check the ROI calculator to see how much money ezOnboard can save you.

FAQs About UKG Pro to AD

What is UKG Pro?

UKG Pro is a human resource information system that helps companies manage employees effectively. It offers features like payroll management, time tracker, scheduling, and reporting.

What are the key benefits of integrating UKG Pro with AD?

Connecting UKG Pro to Active Directory can simplify employee management by automating user provisioning and de-provisioning. HR managers and IT administrators can focus on more important tasks, which increases productivity and cost savings.

What are the integration requirements for connecting UKG Pro to AD?

Common integration requirements include username, password, email address, and API keys. Prepare them in advance to ensure a successful UKG Pro to AD connection.

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