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IT onboarding can be a complex and time-consuming process and often leads to a high volume of support tickets. New employees may struggle with accessing the necessary tools, systems, and resources, resulting in IT departments being busy or frequent requests for IT assistance.

Addressing these challenges is key to a better onboarding experience and improved overall efficiency.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of reducing IT onboarding tickets and share 5 strategies to do it successfully.

Overview of IT Onboarding Tickets?

The IT onboarding tickets we’re referring to are support requests submitted by HR or the hiring manager during the onboarding process. These tickets can cover issues ranging from account provisioning and equipment setup to software installation and network access.

Onboarding tickets represent an important part of the workload for IT and helpdesk. For the IT team, they also signify a vital part of the overall onboarding workflow that requires proper handling for a smooth onboarding for new employees. 

Effectively managing and reducing these support requests can enhance the employee experience and enable the IT team to focus on strategic initiatives beyond basic onboarding tasks.

Importance of Reducing IT Onboarding Tickets

For new hires, a streamlined employee onboarding process allows them to become productive more quickly, as they can access the necessary tools and resources without frequent disruptions. This, in turn, enhances overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

From the IT team’s perspective, minimizing onboarding tickets frees up valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards more strategic initiatives rather than handling a high volume of basic support requests.

A well-designed onboarding program with reduced ticket volume demonstrates the organization’s commitment to efficiency and a positive employee experience, which can positively impact talent acquisition and employee retention efforts.

5 Strategies to Reduce IT Onboarding Tickets

These are the five strategies companies can use to streamline their onboarding processes:

1. Before the Onboarding Starts

Gathering comprehensive information about the new hire’s role and equipment needs, preparing and pre-configuring necessary hardware, software, and access credentials, and providing clear onboarding checklists can significantly reduce the number of IT support tickets during the onboarding process.

  • Gather comprehensive information about the new hire’s role and equipment needs
  • Prepare and pre-configure necessary hardware, software, and access credentials
  • Provide clear and concise onboarding checklists and instructions

2. Creating Self-Service Resources

Creating a robust onboarding knowledge base with step-by-step guides, developing interactive tutorials and videos, and encouraging new hires to use self-service resources can empower them to resolve common issues independently. This reduces the need for IT assistance.

  • Create a comprehensive onboarding knowledge base with step-by-step guides
  • Develop interactive tutorials and video content to support self-learning
  • Encourage new hires to explore and utilize self-service resources

3. Streamlining Onboarding Workflows

Automating repetitive onboarding tasks, establishing clear communication channels and escalation processes, and collaboration can ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. A tool like EzOnboard can automate this process onboarding process.

  • Automate critical tasks such as account creation, software provisioning, and access management
  • Establish clear communication channels and escalation processes for IT support
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure a seamless onboarding experience

4. Training and Support for New Employees

Offering structured onboarding and IT system training sessions, assigning dedicated IT support champions, and providing ongoing guidance and troubleshooting support can help new hires become self-sufficient and reduce the likelihood of recurring support requests.

  • Offer onboarding and IT system training sessions for new hires
  • Assign dedicated IT support champions to assist with onboarding questions
  • Provide ongoing guidance and troubleshooting support

5. Continuous Improvement and Feedback

Gathering feedback from new hires and the IT support team regularly, analyzing ticket data to identify recurring issues, and implementing process refinements can help organizations continuously reduce support tickets within the IT department.

  • Regularly gather feedback from new hires and IT support teams
  • Analyze ticket data to identify recurring issues and areas for improvement
  • Implement continuous process refinements and update onboarding resources accordingly

Metrics and Monitoring

These are the metrics that should be followed:

Number of IT Onboarding Tickets Received

Tracking the volume of IT onboarding support requests can help find areas for improvement within the onboarding process.

By closely monitoring the number of tickets, organizations can pinpoint specific pain points that are contributing to a high number of requests and develop targeted solutions to address them.

Average Time to Resolve IT Onboarding Tickets

Monitoring the average time it takes to resolve IT onboarding tickets can reveal bottlenecks in the support workflow. 

Analyzing ticket resolution times can guide resource allocation, allowing the IT team to prioritize and streamline their efforts to provide timely assistance to new hires.

Employee Satisfaction with the Onboarding Process

Gathering feedback directly from new hires on their satisfaction with the onboarding experience can provide insights into their pain points and challenges.

This feedback allows for continuous improvements to the onboarding program and helps ensure a positive experience for new employees.

Adoption Rates of Self-Service Resources

Measuring the usage of onboarding knowledge bases, tutorials, and other self-service resources can indicate their effectiveness in empowering new hires to resolve issues independently.

High adoption rates of these self-service tools can correlate with a reduction in IT support tickets.

Percentage of Automated Onboarding Tasks

Tracking the level of process automation within the onboarding workflow can demonstrate the efficiency gains achieved through technology-driven solutions.

Monitoring the percentage of automated tasks can show opportunities to streamline the onboarding experience further and reduce the burden on the IT team.

How Can ezOnboard Help With Reducing IT Onboarding Tickets?

EZ onboard connects active directory to your HR system

Automation of Account Creation and Management

ezOnboard dramatically reduces the manual processes and tasks involved in managing user accounts by automating the creation, update, and disabling of accounts in Active Directory (AD). 

This automation directly leads to a decrease in the number of tickets generated for these activities.

Seamless Integration with HR Systems

The software integrates with the organization’s HR system, ensuring that any changes in employee status are automatically and instantly reflected in AD.

This immediate synchronization prevents the accumulation of tickets related to access changes following role adjustments or employee exits.

Pre-defined Access Rules for Enhanced Security

By allowing organizations to predefined access rules, ezOnboard guarantees that individuals have the appropriate access from their first day.

This approach minimizes the tickets related to access issues and enhances security by preventing misconfigured permissions.

Improved Employee Onboarding Experience

ezOnboard facilitates an enhanced onboarding experience by making sure new hires are ready to be productive from the first day, thus reducing the number of tickets from new employees seeking access or resources.

It also maintains up-to-date information in Active Directory, improving collaboration tool accuracy and reducing tickets related to contact information issues.

Professional Services and Support

With expert support and services, ezOnboard can help IT departments have smooth implementation and operation and reduce the likelihood of tickets due to deployment challenges, software issues, and time-consuming manual tasks.

Reduce IT Onboarding Tickets with ezOnboard Today

Optimize your IT onboarding process and empower new hires to hit the ground running. Implement strategies to reduce support tickets, enhance the employee experience, and enable your IT department team to focus on strategic priorities.

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FAQs On How To Reduce IT Onboarding Tickets

How does a self-service portal reduce the number of IT onboarding tickets?

A self-service portal enables new employees to handle many initial setup tasks themselves, significantly reducing the workload on support agents by minimizing the number of tickets they receive.

Can self-service solutions improve the efficiency of the IT service desk during the onboarding process?

Yes, self-service solutions empower employees to resolve common access and setup issues independently, allowing the IT service desk to focus on more complex tasks and improve overall efficiency.

How does the involvement of a dedicated support agent enhance customer success during IT onboarding?

A dedicated support agent can provide personalized assistance to new hires, ensuring a smoother onboarding experience and reducing the overall volume of tickets generated during the process.

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