SymptomIT onboarding of new
employees & contractors
a manual & slow process?down arrowImpactValuable & expensive IT &
helpdesk resources bogged
down in data entry
SymptomEmployee information in
Active Directory (AD)
out of date?
down arrowImpactPeople cannot look up
accurate information about
their colleagues in Outlook
or Teams
SymptomAccess provisioning for new
employees is
complex & reactive?
down arrowImpactAccess to data and
applications using AD group
mappings not under control
SymptomOffboarding people is a manual
process with potential
cybersecurity lapses?
down arrowImpactTurning off access to
contractors and vendors is
manual & error-prone

Automate your IT onboarding & offboarding and Win

ActionDramatically reduce your IT
onboarding tickets,
save time and money
down arrowResultIT is focused on business enhancing and business supporting projects

5x ROI

ActionActive Directory synchronizes
with your HR system,
employee information is
automatically updated
down arrowResultImprove communication across your
organization, people can finally see
accurate titles, reporting managers,
departments, locations, contact
information in Outlook & Teams

Upgrade User-Experience Big win for your Executives

ActionNew users get automatically
assigned to the right AD
groups. Stay on top of your IT
access control
down arrowResult Get control of your AD-group
mappings for new users,
Simplify and optimize your

Fix the foundation of your cybersecurity posture

Make your people productive from Day 1

ActionAutomatically turn off all
access to employees,
contractors & vendors when
they are offboarded
down arrowResultNo-touch offboarding

Reporting for audit & compliance

Your HR system
becomes the
System of Record for all
personnel information
Source of Truth
Automated onboarding &
Personnel information is always
accurate & up-to-date in AD
Automatic mailbox creation
Automatic O365 license allocation
Automated access provisioning
through AD group mappings
Users are created in AD per
your business requirements
AD Group mappings
completed automatically

Why clients are choosing ezOnboard

You retain 100% control of
your AD credentials
(Keys to your Kingdom)

ezOnboard can be either in
your Azure tenant
or on-prem

Immediate, demonstrable

One-size-fits-all SaaS
solutions are 3x more expensive

ezOnboard integrates fully
with your company’s

Reporting, controls, and
integration are fully

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Automate your IT onboarding & offboarding and Win