Your business would like quicker onboarding of new employees,
contractors, and vendors? IT being asked to do more with less?

1000s of $ lost productivity per new staff during onboarding

all the information & approvals needed for onboarding aren’t ready & available, delaying the process by 3-7 days

100s of hours of IT’s time wasted every year on manual data-entry tasks

IT manually creates, updates & disables accounts in Active Directory (AD). This valuable time & energy is taken away from business-support projects

Regulatory Liabilities & Cybersecurity Risks due to misconfigured access & mismanaged offboarding

IT resources are overburdened, access rules aren’t clearly defined, jeopardizing data and the business

Collaboration limited due to Clunky User Experience, lookup of colleagues inaccurate in Outlook & Teams

Active Directory is out of date, people cannot lookup accurate information about their colleagues in Outlook or Teams

Leave the repetitive, error-prone & hard-to-track IT onboarding & offboarding tasks to us

We completely automate your IT onboarding,
access provisioning, and IT offboarding for you

Instant Onboarding, Lifecycle Updates & Offboarding

We pre-determine your custom business rules and automatically reflect your approved HR system changes in AD

Your IT onboarding SLAs go from 3-5 business days to instantaneous

Ensure correct access from day 1

We enable you to pre-define your access rules with simple plug and play formulas

Keep track of & prove your cybersecurity compliance

Custom notifications & reports of all AD changes that give you full visibility & control

What this means for you


Available on-premise or in the Cloud


Fully customizable


Keep 100% control of your AD credentials

ezOnboard automates Active Directory updates for Employee Lifecycle Information for Medical Imaging Provider

For a U.S. medical imaging provider, Active Directory had gotten painfully out-of-date as employee changes accumulated over time and IT tickets to make updates to AD piled up. With the Active Directory integration in place, this U.S. Medical Imaging Provider enjoys a completely up-to-date Active Directory in perfect sync with the HR system, which is the source of truth for employee information.

ezOnboard completely automates IT onboarding & offboarding for Global Tool Manufacturer

Our client, a leading global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of tools, approached CloudView Partners looking for a solution to solve three main problems; Inefficient and manual onboarding and offboarding processes that were time-consuming and slowed down the business. With customized integration of UltiPro®, Active Directory, and their workflows, our global tool manufacturer client has a simple, more automated environment that delivers better user experience.

Leading Midstream Provider Automates Onboarding to Eliminate Countless Hours of Work

This large midstream provider envisioned the potential of an optimized onboarding process. What if new hires got the access they needed in just one click? To end the 10-step manual approval email chains once and for all, this company turned to CloudView Partners.

A solution that works, at a price that works

Most alternatives to ezOnboard are one-size-fits-all SaaS solutions, up to 3x more expensive and are far too complex for most companies. ezOnboard is custom to your business, a fraction of the price and simple to use.

Professional Services

We work with you to ensure success

We not only provide the software, we support you with an expert team who will deploy ezOnboard in your environment and ensure you get results. 

Experience you can trust

We have worked with the most complex AD environments ranging from highly regulated Fortune 500 companies to rapidly growing all-in-the-Cloud organizations.

See for yourself!