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We have worked with multiple startups and successfully helped them to reduce their AWS costs while improving their Architecture & Security. We are a startup ourselves (6 years old now 😊) and understand the growing pains that come with starting a company while watching costs. We are giving back to the startup community to help ensure your AWS cloud architecture is at maximum efficiency. In October and November, we are offering a free, architecture review where our experts will work with your Architects and Developers to optimize your AWS environment and reduce costs where possible.  

We are offering this service to pre-seed and seed series startups and if you are completely satisfied with the results, we’d like you to provide us a testimonial. If you are in stealth mode, you can make the testimonial generic without identifying your company name. 

If you use AWS and would like to find out more information or to take advantage of this opportunity, please reach out and we can schedule a call.

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