When You Think Landing Zone, These Are The 5 Things Cloud Architects Need

Your Cloud Landing Zone is the foundational Cloud environment that hosts all your shared services – connectivity, directory services, security services, management services, etc. – that will be used by ...

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Security Architecture: Cloud Security Wisdom You Can Safely Ignore

Enterprises are shifting to the Cloud faster than ever before. They realize the benefits that Cloud provides for the business, how it unlocks new capabilities and enables them to increase ...

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IAM Architecture -Your IAM Architecture Should Take 1 Week, Not 1 Year, to Develop

What is IAM Architecture? What is the best way to give access to your resources without exposing your organization to the inherent risks involved? A solid IAM architecture is the ...

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Preparing for AWS Migrations – The best practices you should be following

Moving to the Cloud has a lot of benefits. It enhances reliability, scalability, and security while also significantly reducing costs. It’s easy to get drawn into the Cloud computing phenomenon ...

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What is Cloud Economics and How to Optimize for a Greater ROI

The vast benefits of Cloud computing make it an easy sell to organizations that are thinking about making a shift. For many, it’s a great way to reduce their IT ...

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