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7 Steps For Creating A Client Onboarding Checklist for MSPs

Onboarding can sometimes take time, even a whole week. In general, MSPs (Managed Service Providers) spend around 50-80+ hours onboarding each client. Not only that, but 74% of potential clients ...

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Removing IT Access For Terminated Employees (6 Crucial Steps)

When an employee leaves a company, it’s important to remove their access to secure important information that could get leaked. Whether the departure was voluntary or involuntary, failing to revoke ...

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Employee Lifecycle Management: Stages and Importance

When it comes to business, an employee’s journey within an organization is as important as the business’s core operations. This journey, often encapsulated in the concept of the employee lifecycle, ...

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9 Step IT Onboarding Checklist: Prepare For IT New Hires

If you’re preparing to welcome new employees, one thing that can help navigate the initial steps is having an IT onboarding checklist. It will guide not only the new hires ...

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Cloud Security Thoughts

Over the past few years, a majority of technology companies have migrated to the Cloud (or, at least considered moving to the Cloud). Today’s tier-1 Cloud platforms – AWS, Microsoft ...

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What Is a Landing Zone & Why Is It Important to a Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud migration might be in vogue, but one has to look beyond the buzzwords and the hyperbole. Anyone who has ever participated in an organization’s shift to the Cloud will ...

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Security in AWS Cloud – What You Need to Know to Work Remotely

The way we work has been completely revolutionized by the Internet in just a few decades. Whether it’s communication, collaboration or creation, the Internet has made it easier and faster ...

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Your Career Is Heading For The Cloud

It wasn’t that long ago – back around 2010-2012 when I thought that my career would progress as it always had, through Exchange 2065 running on Windows 2066 (as long ...

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Farewell to Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 – we hardly knew you!  For most people reading this, that’s probably pretty far from the truth.  For the 9 years since Exchange 2010 reached general availability on ...

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