Man moving out of office

Removing IT Access For Terminated Employees (6 Crucial Steps)

When an employee leaves a company, it’s important to remove their access to secure important information that could get leaked. Whether the departure was voluntary or involuntary, failing to revoke ...

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Cloud Security Thoughts

Over the past few years, a majority of technology companies have migrated to the Cloud (or, at least considered moving to the Cloud). Today’s tier-1 Cloud platforms – AWS, Microsoft ...

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Your Career Is Heading For The Cloud

It wasn’t that long ago – back around 2010-2012 when I thought that my career would progress as it always had, through Exchange 2065 running on Windows 2066 (as long ...

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Farewell to Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 – we hardly knew you!  For most people reading this, that’s probably pretty far from the truth.  For the 9 years since Exchange 2010 reached general availability on ...

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