Onboarding new hires is an essential aspect of growth for any organization. But how do you accelerate that growth when onboarding itself is a highly painful process?

Almost every large organization faces challenges around employee onboarding and access provisioning.

A leading provider of midstream services in North America approached this problem head-on. When each new-hire onboarding required the IT team to ask up to 10 different managers for access approval, they knew their process needed to change.

As the largest independent midstream infrastructure company in North America, ensuring the transportation and storage of energy products around the United States requires the support of thousands of employees.

Ensuring each new hire made by the organization had access to a sprawling dataset and applications took countless hours and email chains. Simplifying access provisioning for each new hire, this midstream provider could speed up the onboarding process and open up hours for their overworked IT team.

This large midstream provider envisioned the potential of an optimized onboarding process. What if new hires got the access, they needed in just one click? To end the 10-step manual approval email chains once and for all, this company turned to CloudView Partners.


Optimizing the Onboarding and Access Approval Process

Analyze HR Systems

“We always start by listening,” reports CloudView Partners Founder Sanjay Maljure. “We don’t come in assuming we already know the solution or even the problem. We want to truly understand what the problem is from the people who are experiencing it every day.”

CloudView Partners began with a detailed analysis of current HR systems including UltiPro, Microsoft Active Directory, current-state security settings, and Active Directory mappings. The next step was to understand the right set of permissions for each HR title in each location. CloudView Partners sat down with internal experts to determine what mapping made sense using a collaborative process.

Apply Active Directory Expertise

With expertise in Microsoft Active Directory (AD), CloudView Partners was prepared to approach the onboarding problem at its core. Diving into Active Directory user accounts and access points, CloudView Partners began to create the new state design utilizing automation.

“It was not a manual process because they were working with hundreds of HR titles,” Maljure says. “We mapped out everything for upwards of 100 job titles, assigning each title an AD security group using attributes such as location, department, and job function. This mapping used extensive analysis to figure out what is the right dataset and application set for each title/attribute combination.”

With these proposed AD security group mappings approved by the client, CloudView Partners began the implementation process.

Approve Access in One Click

Onboarding new hires is an entirely different process with this solution in place. When a new hire is onboarded, they are placed into a newly created Active Directory group and automatically get all the access they need to perform their job responsibilities.

No longer does a new hire require 10 different approvals and group mappings. There isn’t any scramble for forgotten approvals. This independent midstream company experienced a night and day difference in their onboarding process.

“The win for the client is better security, substantially simplified onboarding for new hires, and more time for the IT team to embrace their business enabler role,” Maljure reveals.


Optimizing Onboarding for All

For organizations bogged down by the onboarding process, there is a better way. With creative problem-solving analysis, you can come out on the other side with a dramatically simplified solution for employee onboarding.

Organizations may consider integrating Ultipro, Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, and ServiceNow so each system works together seamlessly. The time saved from not having to create a ticket in ServiceNow, go into Active Directory, and communicate all the information to each system is substantial.

With an integrated, automated setup, onboarding is simply better for everyone involved.


Curious about what optimized onboarding could look like for your organization?

Email CloudView Partners at info@CloudViewpartners.com to envision a better way of onboarding for your organization.