Client Details:
Employees: 600
Revenue: $88 Million

Our Clients’ Problems:

Our client, a leading global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of tools, approached CloudView Partners seeking to solve three main problems: Inefficient and manual onboarding and offboarding processes that were time-consuming and slowed down the business, people and leaders within the organization were experiencing communication difficulties – because when people looked up colleagues in Outlook and Teams, they were shown inaccurate information, and an Active Directory that was populated with out-of-date information creating security concerns regarding application and data access.

Whatever your HR system – with ezOnboard you can create a timesaving, business-supporting integration with Active Directory. This is exactly what we did for our global tool manufacturer client. By diving deeper into the challenges of updating Active Directory based on an organization’s HR system, CloudView Partners was able to create a personalized integration solution.

The Results of ezOnboard

With ezOnboard, our global tool manufacturer client has a simpler, automated environment that delivers better user experience. Here is what it looks like behind the scenes:

Onboarding and offboarding of employees and contractors is fully automated. With ezOnboard new hire information from the HR System is automatically created in Active Directory. The IT team can focus on higher value business support projects. Plus, with the customized ability to review and approve updates, IT retains visibility and control.

 A single source of truth. With ezOnboard, employees have accurate and up-to-date information about their colleagues at their fingertips via Outlook & Teams lookups. User experience, communication and collaboration are improved. When the team communicates across departments and offices, they have clarity on who has what title, where they work and who they report to in the company.

Security is improved. Once Active Directory becomes current, the foundation is in place to enable role-based access control using Group memberships in AD. Employees only have access to their job-specific data, and IT does not have to worry about the security risk from stale AD group memberships.

How is your organization addressing these challenges? If your people are frustrated with inaccurate information, IT is bogged down by manual tasks, and data security is a concern due to access management – we’re here to talk.

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