Client details:
500 employees
300 million in revenue/year

For a U.S. medical imaging provider, Active Directory had gotten painfully out-of-date as employee changes accumulated over time and IT tickets to make updates to AD piled up. As people are hired, switch departments, move locations, change titles, get promotions and more – these personnel updates are captured in the HR system. However, the process of manually updating Active Directory so that people’s information is accurate falls behind, and very soon Active Directory becomes a repository of out-of-date and inaccurate information. This has implications for the organization – communication between employees is painful because people are shown inaccurate information when they look up their colleagues in Outlook and Teams, security is compromised because AD group memberships cannot be trusted anymore, and valuable IT bandwidth is wasted in manual updates.

Our client was frustrated with the constant issues and inefficiencies of managing outdated Active Directory information. By diving deeper into the challenges of updating Active Directory based on an organization’s HR system, CloudView Partners was able to implement ezOnboard and create a personalized integration solution.

The CloudView Approach to ezOnboard

When helping a client create an automated process to update Active Directory, CloudView Partners takes a personalized approach. ezOnboard is designed for the client’s workflow. This approach helped a U.S. medical imaging provider to overcome their business challenges.

The Results of ezOnboard

With ezOnboard in place, this U.S. Medical Imaging Provider enjoys a completely up-to-date Active Directory in perfect sync with the HR system, which is the source of truth (System of Record, SoR) for employee information.

Onboarding and offboarding of employees and contractors is automated. With ezOnboard, new hire information from the HR System is automatically created in Active Directory. The IT team can focus on higher value business support projects. Plus, with the customized ability to review and approve updates,  IT  retains visibility and control.

 A single source of truth. With ezOnboard, employees have accurate and up-to-date information about their colleagues at their fingertips. User experience, communication and collaboration are improved. When the team communicates across departments and offices, they have clarity on who has what title, where they work and who they report to in the company.

Security is improved. Once Active Directory becomes current, the foundation is in place to enable role-based access control using Group memberships in AD. Employees only have access to their job-specific data, and IT does not have to worry about the security risk from stale AD group memberships.

How is your organization managing the challenge of IT onboarding and offboarding?

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