Hello! My name is Sanjay Maljure. I am the Managing Partner and Founder of CloudView Partners. We are a Cloud-focused professional services company and we help clients with all things Cloud – AWS & Azure.

Over my 20 year career being a Technical Architect with a focus on Networking, Infrastructure & Cloud – I have had various roles from technical SME to leading a large services division for a Fortune-500. Through that journey, I have always focused on a few things – bringing technology competence to the table, helping Clients succeed, and looking for opportunities to grow everyone around me. And during those 20 years, my thoughts would sometimes turn to “if I ever did a startup…” In 2015, after seeing how the Public Cloud had evolved and matured and the benefits it could bring to businesses, I felt that this is the right opportunity for the startup that I had dreamed about. Giving up a comfortable salary with 2 little kids was definitely not easy, but with support from my wife and conviction in the opportunity and a little crazy in my head (J that all entrepreneurs need), CloudView Partners was born.

The last 3 years have been everything they say a startup feels like in the early days – putting the initial core team together, building an initial client base, creating the first set of Cloud solutions, and pushing ourselves to accomplish all the hard things that startups have to accomplish! We have done all this and created a profitable company while bootstrapping! This is just the beginning.

What lies in front of us is an incredible opportunity to help more clients with Cloud as the Cloud becomes pervasive and the New Normal.

Here is what you can expect when you join our team– you will work with other super talented people who are also nice and fun to work with. Everyone works hard and supports each other. We are invested in driving client success. We have fun – Broadway show, ski resort, helicopter ride are just a few things we have done so far in our offsite meetings. Everyone has full information on our strategic goals, how we are trying to achieve them and what each individual needs to accomplish in terms of stretch goals. You will truly participate in every way in building CloudView Partners and you will share the rewards for creating that growth. It is very important to me that the ‘best of the best’ feel that “this is my kind of place…” I wake up every day to create that place here at CloudView Partners.

Hope you enjoyed the story of our beginning and hope you will join us for the adventure ahead :-).